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  • How do you make a buddy?
    Your buddy arrives unstuffed except the head and parts of the hands and feet. For buddy bags, we include prepackaged bags of stuffing with a small heart. For parties, we bring large containers of stuffing and the children gather around in large circle. (yes it gets a little messy, but this is their favorite part) There is a small velcro opening on each buddy's back. Once you open the velcro there is a pocket with another opening. This is where you put the stuffing and special heart to bring your buddy to life. Once your buddy is full, you will close this opening with either an attached zipper or small zip tie. It is difficult for your child to reopen your buddy because the zipper has no handle and the zip tie completely closes the opening. Now close the velcro opening and you're ready to name your buddy and fill out the birth certificate.
  • Will my child be able to open their buddy after stuffing it?
    Once you stuff and close your buddy, it is very difficult to reopen and get to the stuffing. As a parent, this was reassuring to me. I didn't want my two year old opening her unicorn and pulling the stuffing out while she should be cuddling with it in bed. Once you create your buddy, you will close the inside opening with either an attached zipper or small zip tie. It is difficult for your child to reopen your buddy because the zipper has no handle and the zip tie completely closes the opening. All of this is then tucked inside the buddy and velcro holds this opening closed.
  • What is included in a Buddy Bag?
    Buddy Bags include an unstuffed 8 inch or 16 inch buddy, a package of soft cotton stuffing, a special heart to bring your buddy to life, a birth certificate, and a drawstring backpack.
  • Is The Buddy Lab independently owned or a franchise?
    The Buddy Lab is 100% family owned and operated. We are a husband and wife who both have full time jobs in education. We started this business as an answer to expensive birthday parties and a way to provide affordable family fun. We are the first create your own stuffed animal business in Mansfield, TX. You could visit the big stores at the mall or contact a large franchise to get your stuffed animals. But if you choose to do business with The Buddy Lab, you are choosing to support a small family owned business. We appreciate your support! Check out our story to learn more about us and why we started The Buddy Lab.
  • How do I schedule a birthday party?
    Our parties are DIY! Just purchase the supplies and we will get the buddies to you. We offer free porch drop off within 5 miles of 76063 and also have shipping options available. For purchases over $150, we offer a small price break per buddy bag. You can also purchase fun add-ons for your party, such as white t-shirts to accessorize and color, sound inserts, and/or buddy outfits. If you have any questions, please email us at
  • How do you process payments?
    We use Square Cash and Paypal to process our payments. We can process in person payments with a card reader, email invoice through Square, or through Paypal. You enter your payment information through their secure website. You never give us your number, and your privacy is protected. More information can be found at and
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping costs can vary. Our most common form of shipping is flat rate with USPS. This starts at $8.00 and increases based on weight and how far we are shipping. We work to ship at the lowest cost with the fewest boxes to keep costs down. We do not make money on shipping charges or packaging. You pay what we pay. We also offer free porch delivery within 5 miles of Mansfield, TX (76063).
  • Are you the same as Stuff A Buddy TX?
    Yup, that's us! We started our business as Stuff A Buddy TX in 2019. We recently rebranded to The Buddy Lab in order to prevent confusion with similar businesses throughout the US. We are super excited about our new name and brand!!
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