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Whether you have a birthday party, a large group, or a family fun night - we've got you covered!

Our main goal is to provide parents with a solution to expensive, stressful birthday parties and give them an easy at home activity that kids will love.

The Buddy Lab makes your DIY party as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. First, you can choose your animals from our huge selection of 8 inch or 16 inch buddies. 

  2. Next, kids bring their new friend to life with soft cotton stuffing and a special heart to make a personal wish.

  3. Children will love their new buddy and feel accomplished that they built something with their own hands.

   4. We also have lots of fun DIY party add-ons, such           as sound inserts, DIY shirts to design; and outfits           to accessorize your buddies!

Our buddies can also be the perfect activity for camps, events, fundraisers, and at home delivery for family fun. We sell make-at-home sets complete with directions and all the materials you’ll need stuff your own buddy.
See our packages page for more information.


Let our Buddy Bags be the life of your next party!  Guide your group through creating their own buddies for all the party-goers to take home.  We offer two different size animals along with customizable accessories and clothes.  We offer a price break per buddy for orders of $150 or more. We can also arrange themes around your party (animals, unicorns, princesses, super heroes, etc).
Click here for pricing information.


The Buddy Lab is perfect for fun at your house, school, or camp! We can work with your school or organization to create a unique fundraising opportunity. Click here to contact us to request a quote or discuss how we can help you fundraise for your school, organization, or group.


You don’t have to plan a party or host a big event to enjoy stuff a buddy.  We can custom order a package for your kids to create at home complete with animal buddy, soft cotton stuffing, heart, instructions, and a drawstring backpack. Inventory may vary. Free local pick up (Mansfield, TX 76063), standard shipping rates apply. Click here to buy a buddy bag.

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